Leverage* customer experience (CX) Intelligence to grow your brand

We refine data, mined from the web, into intelligence you can act upon to reduce time to market, lower promotional costs, improve ad effectiveness, and more.

The web is social, and so are consumers. Future customers learn about your products from your current customer reviews, recommendations and other unsolicited feedback. If you want your customers to prefer and recommend your brand, you've come to the right place.

We can help to mint customer experience intelligence into wisdom by linking CX measurements with operational metrics employed by your organization, and estimate the potential impact of your decisions.

If you market products or services to consumers, you need our service. Surveys are often misleading and expensive, even when done right. Our methods are more reliable and cost-effective than traditional customer satisfaction measurements, and the results have direct and broad impact, from product development and launch to customer experience management.

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* - while we know that Leverage is not a verb, we could not find a better word to articulate the concept.